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Jim Hamilton is an artist passionate about shapes and colours, and how they impact perception. 



Photographically, Jim's art is an eclectic mix. He is fascinated with shapes and how they lead to the mystery and wonder of art in black-and-white. Alternatively, colours and their usage captivate his imagination, especially when depicting the wonders of nature.  Much of the impetus for Jim's art comes from a long experience in mountaineering in the Rockies, the Alps, the Adirondaks and the White Mountains. 


Jim provides photographic services to environmental NGOs to assist in defusing climate change as well as to event photography to social-welfare agencies to promote their work. 


Initially in premedicine, Jim graduated from the University of Toronto in economics and econometrics (BA 1970, MA 1971), where he spent his summers working on the railway in Northern Ontario. Leaving academia behind, he joined the Canadian federal government as an analyst. But that ended years ago, and adventures in photography and art came to the fore.